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Trashion Fashion- reduce, reuse, & have a blast while doing it!

by guest blogger Naomi Spinak

Naomi and her two wonderful daughters wearing their Trashion Fashion (photo credits: Heather Gorman)

The Bainbridge Island Trashion show started in 2016 at Eagle Harbor Congregational Church. It was the brainchild of a group of environmental activists who were creating an Earth Art Month in honor of Earth Month and Earth Day in April. Earth Art Bainbridge was a project of Sustainable Bainbridge and creator, Beth Robson.

The show was sponsored by Bainbridge Island Zero Waste. The goal of this event was & is to increase awareness of the impact of our wasteful consumer habits in a fun and entertaining way. The event engages artists/creators by using normally discarded items—encouraging all of us to think not outside the box- but to think of the box itself.

Instead of purchasing new materials, designers use unconventional materials to make new and exciting fashion.

The 2020 show would have been our 5th year, our 4th at Islandwood environmental learning campus on Bainbridge Island. The show was cancelled for this year due to COVID, but several artists still created fashions that would have been in the show. Six of them were displayed at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts for the month of August.

This year, for the first time, we premiered the Mystery Box Challenge, which offered a box of mixed discarded items like CDs, old stained clothes and materials, electrical cords and punctured bicycle tubes to be turned into fashion. For next year’s show, we hope to be able to display these artworks for the public. So stay tuned!


Go & see next year's Trashion fashion show for yourself! More Trashion info here! And visit #repurposed on Instagram and Repurposing Ideas for more crafty ideas on repurposing items.

Also noteworthy:

Check out Spinak's art exhibition memorializing victims of gun violence. Her quilt has traveled through many states bringing awareness and opening up hard conversations about fire arms, gun regulations, gun violence and suicide.

Naomi Spinak,

guest blogger,

long-time Bainbridge resident,


master repurposer, baker & fabric artist


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