Current &Past Sales

Now Pending! Exquisite Indianola Waterfront Home List Price $3,188,000 MLS# 1859426

Just Sold! Rep'd Buyers. Luxurious Bainbridge Island $2,100,000 MLS # 1839551

Represented Buyers Bainbridge Retreat $1,213,000 MLS # 1829607

Now Pending on Three Separate Units Seaside Community, Kingston

Just Sold! Represented Seller $850,000 Picturesque 11+ Acres in S.Kitsap MLS # 1845396

Represented Buyers Poulsbo $682,000 MLS # 1813771

Just Sold Represented Buyers $119,700 .4 acre Lot in Kingston with Community Beach! MLS # 1760265

Represented Sellers Illahee $625,000 MLS # 1749155

Represented the Buyers Downtown Bainbridge $1,290,000 MLS # 1628264

Represented Buyers Kingston MLS # 1792080

New Construction with Views! Represented Buyers! Selah, WA

Represented First Time Home Buyers! Beautiful Tri-Level Home in South Kitsap MLS # 1769414

Represented Buyers Central Kitsap New Construction MLS # 1657191


Represented Buyers Central Kitsap New Construction MLS # 1657183

Updated Bainbridge Beauty! Represented Buyers $660,000 MLS#: 1645167

Represented Sellers in Manchester Stunning water views!

Indianola Water Views Represented Buyer $650,000 MLS#: 1437383

Adorable Allyn A-frame with Community Beach! Represented Seller

Closed in Hansville! Represented Seller New Construction $485,000 MLS#: 1603098

Water Views! Represented Buyer MLS#: 1568493

$599,000 Luxury! Represented Buyer in Poulsbo MLS#: 1593437

Bainbridge Island Represented Seller $855,000 MLS#: 1448528

Represented Seller Central Kitsap

Bainbridge Island Represented Buyer $564,000 MLS#: 1527727

180 degree water views!

Represented Buyers 180º water views! $787,000 MLS#: 1440098

Wonderful Poulsbo Home Represented Buyers $460,000 MLS#: 1544775


Raw Land, Kingston Represented Buyer MLS#: 1734665

First Time Home Buyer Downtown Poulsbo Tri-Level Represented Buyer MLS#: 1498564

Represented Seller in Poulsbo- Received Multiple Offers Sold Over Asking in 2 Days


Central Kitsap Represented Buyer

Represented Buyer in Manette!

Represented Seller Multiple Offers! $737,000

Taking in the PNW!

Happy Clients!

Kingston Represented Seller $425,000 MLS#: 1397735

Poulsbo New Construction Return Clients Represented Buyer

South Kitsap Beautifully Renovated Condo! Represented Seller

Central Kitsap Represented Seller

Golf Course Living! Represented the Seller- Mountain and Water Views.

Beautiful Suquamish Remodel Represented Seller MLS#: 1231805

Central Kitsap Beautiful Rambler! Represented Buyer MLS#: 1468957

Central Kitsap Represented Seller $435,000 MLS#: 1402255

Multiple Transaction Clients

Water Views Poulsbo Represented Seller $445,000 MLS#: 1340125

Mason County- Golf Course Living Represented Seller

South Kitsap Acreage

Represented Seller

South Sound Waterfront Cabin Represented Seller


Poulsbo Represented Buyer $335,000 MLS#: 1313768

Beautifully Updated Craftsman Represented Buyer MLS#: 1232337

Central Kitsap Renovation

Represented Seller


Affordable Poulsbo Represented Buyer


Central Kitsap Represented Seller & Buyer MLS#: 1202816

Suquamish Cutie! Represented Buyer

South Kitsap Acreage

Beautiful Lot on Acreage Represented Seller


Adorable Central Kitsap Fixer Represented Buyer MLS#: 1317371

This Waterfront Cabin Sold Quickly with Above & Beyond Marketing!  

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