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The creative mind of Jamie Brouwer

In her own words:

I'd say growing up on Bainbridge Island, my favorite spot was riding my bike down to Lynwood Center and sitting on the beach reading or writing or drawing. We also would go to "Max's Dam" which is now part of IslandWood's property, but used to be accessible from Old Mill Rd. There was a very NOT up to code rope swing there that we would swing off of into the pond. 

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Art, to me, is a language. Some artists define success as being represented by a gallery and selling work. Some artists feel successful when they gain national or international notoriety for pushing the envelope of artistic expression in one way or another. Some artists work just to experience the process, not concerned with the outcome. I would say for me being able to share what I do is important to me and I have found teaching art to be fulfilling. I also produce my own work as a way of processing of the world around me.  

Over the years, I have worked in lots of styles and mediums but I would say overall I am a portrait artist. I try, no matter what my subject is, to make a portrait of a single moment in time and space.  To honor its nature and character by finding beauty in its flaws, details, uniqueness and presence.  My most recent work is centered around tangled ropes, but I have also worked a lot in the last 5-7 years with themes involving water, buoys, the body and gravity.  While most of my work is in oil paint, I also use encaustic and watercolor as well as mixed media.  

I have been teaching since I was in high school. I was part of a pilot program that has since become Eagle Harbor High School. Through this program, I was able to fulfill standard requirements for high school while also pursuing my passions. As one of my classes my senior year, I developed and implemented art curriculum under the advising of a mentor for a small K-8 private school on the island. This gave me some experience and a sense of whether or not I was interested in the field. In college, I commuted back to the island to continue teaching for a couple of years. 

I have taught workshops in Seattle area schools and worked as a drawing instructor at the Thrive drawing schools in Seattle as well. Since then, I have continued teaching and offering workshops. I have taught in programs offered through the library, and my church, as well as hosting private lessons and classes out of my home. This spring and summer I will be offering a couple of workshops and classes through the Parks Department and am looking forward to expanding my experience with adult students.  


See Brouwer's work on display this month at Phoenix Rising hair salon on Bainbridge. (Schedule a haircut too while you are there!) Brouwer will also be part of the annual group show of local artists at the Bainbridge Public Library in September.

Brouwer has bachelor's degree in Fine Art from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle

Along with the plethora of offerings in the Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation catalogue, here are a few additional options for the creative mind. Take your pick!

Scrappy Art Lab - Offers afterschool programs, Friday night events and drop-in creativity time.

Barn Monthly, free teen nights offering teens time to explore various mediums

Barn Adult and Kid courses available

Islandwood Public events and programs encouraging science, art and exploration

...and events and art programs at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art as well.


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