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Ryan Landworth, The Modern Smith

(Plus 7 Retro Real Estate Trends Making a Comeback)

A jack of all trades, Islander Ryan Landworth (Architectural Blacksmith) has had many lives.

He was an early espresso bar owner downtown Seattle in the 80's. A father at 21. A friend to countless grunge-era rockstars, before they rose to fame. He was a river guide, a mountain guide, and a mariner who lived aboard his catamaran for 12 years.

Landworth has been a Bainbridge Island staple in and around town for decades now. Just try walking downtown Winslow with him. If you've never lived in a small town before, you learn to appreciate the supermarket run-ins. The unscheduled coffees and connections. The hugs.

In the 90's, Landworth worked in glass blowing and architectural blacksmithing. However, it was working with renowned Sculptor and public artist Robert Maki where he found his passion for Art and high levels of detail and craftsmanship.

Robert Maki's Westlake Center Park, Seattle

Landworth and Maki, summer of 1990

In 2007, after studying under Uri Hofi, Ed Mack, and Dereck Glaser in New York/Maine, Landworth officially opened his architchectural blacksmith business and has had a hand in the metalwork of countless businesses, parks and homes throughout Bainbridge Island, Kitsap and Seattle.

Landworth specializes in custom metalwork and he is a bit of a perfectionist.


Take a peek:

In his own words: My work ranges from large-scale architectural projects to small-scale decorative and sculptural work, often custom designed to customer requirements. My work is unique, reflecting and finding inspiration from its intended environment. I give extensive attention to detailing so that new facets and aspects wait to be discovered by the viewer.

Past clients include:

Johnson Squared, BC&J Architecture & Planning, Fradkin Fine Construction, W M Corbin Construction, Kim McCall Design, Michelle Burgess Design, 2Atara Design & Construction, Clark Construction, Blackbird Bakery, The Ale House, Bainbridge Art Museum, Bainbridge Island Football Club, The City of Seattle, The City of Edmonds, City of Bellevue, King County Housing Authority, City of Kent, Friends of the Farms, and dozens of private clients, including island philanthropists the Brainerds and Kleisners.

Fun Facts: Only one of the following is NOT true about Ryan Landworth

Landworth rode the Baja 1,000 trail on his motorbike

He lost his dog for a year, then (never having given up) found him miraculously in someone's backyard near Greenlake... and got the dog back!

He was a fire fighter EMT on Bainbridge for 7 years

He drove an decommissioned Austrian ambulance as a daily driver

He saved a young boy from drowning off the coast of Todos Santos, in Baja Mexico in 2006

He worked in garden design and implementation for a good decade

He hit a 5 point buck, head-on, going 60 miles per hour traveling the California coast by moto

He has a tattoo of a shooting star done in ink and needle from age 15 on his back

He ate street meat covered in flies on the streets of Peru, multiple times

He rescued two climbers with cerebral edema off a 20,000 ft peak in the Andes during which one of his climbing partners broke his leg in 8 places (everyone survived)

Actually, they are all true.

And he loves cats.

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