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Now That's a Sound Commute!

A few times per month I brave the rush hour traffic from Seattle, to Kent, to Tacoma and around the horn back to Bainbridge Island, making meetings, checking properties, etc. If you've ever hit Tacoma traffic between 2:30-5:30, your blood pressure may rise just thinking about it.

What if instead of braving the rage-inducing stop & go Seattle traffic, you took a picturesque ferry to work? Current Ferry Schedule

Ferry Friends Allison Handy, Cathy Sanford, Kristine Jimenez, Jeannie Stuyvesant, and Courtney Harris enjoying their workweek sail home.

Imagine it: you walk onto the boat, meet your "ferry friends," pop your coffee Thermos from your bag, eat some steel-cut oats, perhaps take a call or two (or even read a book!)... all on your commute.

To boot, you end the day with a ferry sunset! Or, a view of an Orca pod, Mt. Rainier & a beer or wine.

Mt. Rainier from the ferry. Photo by Andrew Block.

Islander Peter Murchie commutes by ferry in the winter. In the warmer months, Murchie launches his own small motorboat out of Hidden Cove, with bike in tow, ties up at Shilshole Marina on the Seattle side, and bikes the 7.5 miles to his downtown office.

Wanting a quiet commute? Murchie and many others often leave their earpods in to enjoy the views solo.

Whether you walk-on or bike onto the ferry, there are a ton of options for further travel on the Seattle-side. Between city buses, commuter vans, company-sponsored carpool vehicles, light rail, Lyft/Uber, and good old-fashioned walking, you are covered.

Motorcycles and bicycles are a great solution too! First on the boat and first off! What's a little rain to a Northwesterner? Islander Chuck Freitas on his work commute to Outreach.

I know a few athletic enthusiasts that build the ferry routine into their workout, running a few miles on each side of the water daily. They log some serious weekly running mileage, helping them maintain their balance of family, job, marriage, and sanity.

Not impressed yet? I know a couple (both divorcees) that met on the ferry, started dating, and married! Met and married, without social media or dating sights, in 2017. Inspired yet?

Sure, occasionally there is an emergency that slows the crossing a tad. Perhaps a baby is even born. With no shortage of doctors/nurses/midwives/EMTs on seemingly any boat, at almost any hour, you will be in good hands.

Keep your Seattle job! Move to Bainbridge Island or Kitsap, and imagine your biggest commuting concern... missing the last glass of rosé.

"Jeannie, hurry up!"

Walk-on ferry commuting to Seattle is also available from Kingston and Bremerton.


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