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Day Trip- Whidbey Island. Art & more.

Whether coming from north, or jumping on the Port Townsend ferry to Coupeville, Whidbey Island is a must-see. The island's rugged terrain spans beaches, hills and farmland. On its northwest tip, Deception Pass State Park offers clifftop views, forest trails and freshwater lakes. To the south, Fort Casey Historical State Park is home to a lighthouse and gun battery. The coastal towns of Oak Harbor, Coupeville and Langley have boutiques, cafes and galleries.

The Island is host to an eclectic mix of folks, festivals, and races.

If art is what you seek... may I suggest the following:


WISE (the Whidbey Island Sculpture Experience) is a great place to start.

The experience of art in a natural setting - a place to stroll, explore and discover ways that will ignite creative imagination. A visit to the Whidbey Island Sculpture Experience amid lush gardens, barefoot trails, secret paths, and beckoning benches, will nourish and excite visitors of all ages.

WISE invites students for select art & craft events and will begin hosting spoken word events and musicians on their moonlit deck and in the newly cleared camping circle (under the stars!). Sculptures at night, illuminated by spot lights, fire and the moon are sure to thrill visitors. Check back for upcoming events!

One of the many sculptures at WISE

Price Sculpture Forest

At Price, experience an outdoor museum where you are encouraged to wander the trails, investigate outdoor art, and be immersed in nature.

Trails accessible to all meander through this pristine park.

Don't turn your back in here!

Earth Sanctuary

Earth Sanctuary combines exemplary ecology with art and spirit to create a sanctuary for birds and wildlife and a peaceful place for personal renewal and spiritual connection. An abundance of trails and benches, natural water features, and birdsongs.

The walk starts with the Buddhist Stupa monument, high on a hillside at Earth Sanctuary. The stupa is the most important Buddhist monument and sacred structure designed to bring peace and healing.

Seedpods, thistle, and an abundance of wildlife & Sound-views peek through the deciduous trees. In the fall, Whidbey is a place of autumn wonder and natural ornaments.

Pick up sandwiches and a bottle of wine at the Prairie Center Market or check out one of the island's many cafés and restaurants.

And then, whatever you do, come back in the spring.

Where to stay?


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