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Curb Appeal 101 for Listing your Home

With our continued low inventory, it's a fantastic time to sell!

The first things Sellers always ask-

What can I do to prepare my home for sale without "throwing money" into needless places?

Curb appeal goes a long way to get folks to come see your home! With top-notch photography, marketing and curb appeal that pops, your house will stand out high above the rest.

...And you may just get your neighbors to follow suit! (Great for you, great for the neighborhood!)

Simple Updates:

1) Door color (for about $30)

Clean the door frame and the threshold while you are at it! A nice pop of color goes a long way.

2) Address Numbers

3) Plants & Pots

4) Welcome Mat

Both functional and pretty, a welcome mat is one of the first impressions your home gives off.

The hot ticket this year- layering a welcome mat with a larger rug...

5) Front Porch Seating

Add a bench or chair for folks to sit and get a feel for the neighborhood. The chairs do not have to be fancy- but they may need a new coat of paint. If your chairs have cushions- be sure there is no mildew or stains on them. Consider a small table, flower vase, or sturdy blanket for added ambiance! Make folks want to stay and take it all in!

6) Repaint, Clean, or Touch up the Deck

These are a few simple ideas that work to ready your home for the market. Warning! You may just wish to stay put after these simple updates.

Market Snapshot:

Kitsap Residential Listings by Month, 2019 vs. 2020:

There was a hold on new Listings this past spring...until late summer of 2020.

Usually, we see a spike in Listings beginning in late February. I am starting to see this in my pipeline for February and have very high hopes for the 2021 home season!

Good old Emergency Check-List:

As spring approaches, it's time to revamp the home emergency kit!


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