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BookIt Nook

Kitsap's own independent bookstore, BookIt Nook is a welcome throwback to the bookstores of old. The store boasts friendly, engaging, and knowledgeable workers, Bookclub gatherings (via Zoom for now), a store pet (it's a snake... but still), community engagement, taco-truck nights*, locally made gifts and flare galore!

Local Author spotlights and Team Picks are showcased on the store's Website and Bookclub books are sold at a 15% discount. ( I just picked up Kamala Harris' book today!)

The store is wonderfully designed and well-lit, inviting you to linger longer! The isles and store layout are COVID-friendly and spacious.

The World Serpent was chosen to be part of BookIt Nook’s brand thanks to a love of Norse mythology and the belief that reading books is like experiencing an infinite cycle of discovery, adventure, and renewal.

In the Owner's words:

BookIt Nook addresses every type of reader. Through our online store, you can shop in real-time from our in-store inventory for same or next-day* pickup. You can also browse a complete catalogue of thousands of the most popular titles. Our drive-thru pickup option is an on-the-go (or naturally introverted) reader’s dream come true! In a hurry? Come inside to pick up your online order at our quick service counter, where you can also grab one (or more) of the most popular titles of the day. Do you enjoy personal recommendations, individual attention, and prefer to take the time to browse? Step even further inside and enjoy 1,300+ square feet of our entire in-stock inventory. (Not to mention, enjoy incredible views and the cutest little kid's book room you ever have seen.)

Papaya, the store's pet snake & mascot, is available for Meet and Greets Wednesdays at 3PM.

Come discover a new world, reminiscent of older days...

*Follow Poulso's own Barbacoa Food Truck on Facebook as it makes its way around the county. Best. Tacos. Ever.

The first 4 people to message me their favorite book title will receive a 25$ gift certificate to BookIt Nook!


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